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Market your event and engage guests. Audience insights help you continually improve participation.

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Greeter Works with All Conference Services

Greeter works with all conference services

How it Works

Enter Your Meeting Details

All you need is a title and a meeting link to get started. Optionally customize with a cover photo and description.

Share Your Custom Link

Choose a custom, shortened link and share it with your guest list.

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Visitors Enjoy a Beautiful Landing Page

Guests land on a personalised landing page instead of a bland waiting screen.

Greeter is a modern toolbox to host digital events, engage guests, and grow your audience.

Build better relationships with your audience with scalable messaging, custom surveys and meaningful analytics.
Event landing page

A Branded Landing Page for Your Event Guests

Show event details and capture responses on a beautiful, yet simple event page
Meeting hub

A Hub for All of Your Digital Meetings

Share a single, branded link to all of your upcoming online events. Manage registration for all events in one place.



Landing Page.

It really is that simple.